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We use Nouvatan for our professional spray tanning treatments.



*Prior to tanning treatment please exfoliate and moisturise the day before.

*On the day of the tan please shower and leave the skin free of any products such as deodorant, perfume or moisturiser as these can be a barrier to the tan product. Although avoid showering immediately before the appointment if possible to allow the body to restore its own natural oils.

*Arrive wearing dark, loose clothing and avoiding wearing a bra to avoid rub marks from the straps.

*Please also note that if shaving or waxing, please do this at least 24 hours prior to treatment as the tan can sit in the follicles.

Full Body Spray            £28

Half Body Spray            £20

To ensure longevity from your tan, shower off the product as per instructed by the therapist with a gentle pH balanced body wash, paying extra care to any areas that have developed darker. Continue to moisturise the body throughout the duration of the wear. Gently exfoliate to help with even fading of the tan. 

**Please remember that most tanning products do not contain an SPF so ensure you protect your skin against UVA rays**


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