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What's New?

Builder Gel.

The Gel Bottle Builder Gel, aka Biab, is a medium viscosity product that can be used as a strengthening layer under your favourite Gel Bottle colour. We can also use this fantastic product to help build a strong apex to the nail to encourage natural nail growth. As a long lasting, non lifting, chip free product, most people find they can finally grow their own nails without the need for extensions. Biab is non potent and can either be easily soaked off or infilled at each appointment.

Nail Extensions.

We are very excited that we now offer nail extensions here at the salon. Gel Pot is a high viscosity product that comes straight from the pot, this means no strong smelling acrylic or liquid monomer. It is super strong which makes it perfect for sculpting long lasting extensions. 


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gel pot 2.jpg
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